14 October, 2010

Art Show Time: Ghost Rosies

Shot with my Canon Rebel XS using the standard kit lens, edited with Aperture and Corel Painter

I've been experimenting with digitally layering photos lately. I've been lazily considering it since I saw this post by Lisa of Lisa's Likes back in February, but I just didn't get around to actually trying anything.

This first experiment didn't turn out how I planed, but I'm pretty happy with the Ghost Rosies (if you can't see them, try turning out the brightness on your screen). When I went back to find that link to Lisa's post, I came across her tutorial on how to do it, so I think I will be trying this project again very soon.

Do you have a project that didn't turn out as planned but that you liked anyways?



  1. this looks really great! I need to spend more time with my camera..

    great blog dear xxx

  2. my bf does that a lot too. i dont know much about photography but i know he always tells me how he does it and shows me his work. i'll show it to him to see what he says.

  3. Tha harmony in the photo, I love it! Nice blog. Come visit me too, soon.


  4. Everyday I experiment in Photoshop is another project filled with frustrations, but great insight :) There's always something to learn- and master!

  5. I see them! I have done the layering look with film before, but never with digital. Maybe I will give it a try.