22 October, 2010

What I Wore: Dramatic Artist

Leggings, ???; black long sleeved t-shirt, Seduction; dress, Joe Fresh; earrings, Claire's; shoes (not shown), Fly London

Comfort was essencial today since I had a three hour French test this morning, but a lack of fussiness was also important since I spent three hours this afternoon in the studio painting. This may become y go to outfit for painting, since there is something about wearing all black with red heels that makes it even more fun.

Do you find that your outfit affects how you feel about certain activities?



  1. You have such an angelical look on your face in this pic :) Very beautiful.
    And being comfortable is essential for taking such a long test. Your outfit is beautiful, too.
    Dressing accordingly is just another one of the things that makes you feel more comfortable when doing something ;)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Jungle World Citizen

  2. Simple, and cute. Perfect for what you had planned. mm.. I don't think my outfit affects how I feel about something, it's usually how I feel that morning that tends to decide what I will wear that day!

  3. i ALWAYS go for comfy outfits on test days! LOL :p

  4. more simple this time but very chic and elegant. a very understated look but extremely sophistcated.

  5. this dress fits you really well, you look great in it! simple is best sometimes. and yes black with a pop of red is always awesome!

  6. three hour french test ! omg haha
    i hope it wasn't too hard
    the dress has a lovely fit (:
    it looks good on you



  7. Lovely picture of you! I always find simple wooldresses are the ultimate go-to for any occasion & yes, I think an outfit can enhance/modify how you feel about a certain activity - hence 'dressing up' (or down).

  8. This looks like an outfit I would wear, sans the red heels of course ;o) I'm more of a flats girl. I do think outfits have a way of setting the tone for the day. I think it's also a proven fact. Why do you think most women wear form fitting clothes and heels to go out? It's to stand taller, walk straighter and feel more confident!

  9. so cute