13 October, 2010

What I Wore: HATED

Dress, Suzy Sheer; turtle neck, no idea, I got it at a store here in France, but I can't remember where :(; leggings, Gina Tricot; shoes, Fly London; strange facial expression, me trying to smile for the camera; awkward hand, me not taking enough shots

I have hated turtle necks for years. HATED. I was utterly and totally convinced that they were trying to strangle me. Then, once I got a bit older and discovered cleavage, I hated how much of me they covered. This one was only 6 euros though, and it's bright red and it's super soft and I couldn't say no. I'm glad I ended up getting it, because now that I've worn it I have all sorts of thoughts on ways that turtle necks will make my life better.

Is there a type of clothing that you started off hating and grew to love?



  1. I'd have to say knee length skirts. I wore nothing but miniskirts or maxi skirts for the first 25 years of life. The ones right in the middle just looked WRONG. Now they're all I wear. Go figure. I do love turtlenecks though. The red one is really nice and it will keep you really warm when it's cold, I think that's why I like them so much.

  2. Cute pattern and interesting layering.. very funky I like it =)

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  3. I have a real, real problem with turtle necks too - the strangling sensation and that they make the neck so short. Which is stupid because they can look very elegant and are nice and warm. This one looks supercosy and perfect with the dress!

  4. I've never suited turtle necks yet kept buying them... prob need to stop x


  5. I used to think harem pants were funny and stupid because they made you look fat ..but now that I've got a pair, I LOVEEE THEMMMM! <3

    Turtle necks are okay sometimes in Winter ...other than that, it gets so choke-ish and ..I broke a necklace once because of my turtle neck :(

  6. Interesting mix of pieces. I'd say turtlenecks as well, although I still love my V and scoop necks. I feel more comfortable in them.