18 October, 2010

What I Wore: layering

Dress, Joe Fresh; skirt, thrifted; leggings, ???; shoes, Fly London; watch, Ushuaïa; out of focus photo, the fact that it was misting and I wanted to get inside ASAP

This is my first attempt at skirt layering, and personally I think it went pretty well. It was a bit bulky, but the dress sat much better on top of the skirt. Not only does it look good, but I was really surprised by how much warmer it was. I didn't thing that simply adding a skirt would change anything, but it really did. Now I can't wait till I get home to my full skirt collection!

What are your favourite things to layer?



  1. Cute dress! I usually just layer shirts and sweaters. I'm not taht adventurous :/

  2. I'm a fan of the skirt layering here! I enjoy layering the occasional skirt as well and will probably start doing it again as it gets colder.

  3. I usually layer sweaters and tanks. If I am lounging around the house on a particularly cold day I will layer anything and everything! :D

  4. Hmm, I tend to layer sweaters under jackets and stuff, but I've never layered a skirt under a dress. I like what you did a lot. The red looks really cute with the plaid which looks really cute with the leggings and boots.

  5. Skirt layering...I've never thought of it! And nice dress. Joe Fresh never fails.


  6. I'ma little less daring when it comes to layering, but I often like to tops with cardigans, hoodies, etc... I've never thought to layer a dress and skirt, but you're always full of great ideas :)

  7. I haven't tried the skirt layering trick myself but it looks great here!

  8. wow that joe fresh dress looks so hot on you. very sexy outfit lady. i think i've told u before that red is your colour i think. it suits u really well

  9. You did well ;) And it's a good idea for now that is cooler!

    Have a lovely Tuesday!

    Jungle World Citizen