21 October, 2010

Art Show Time: Dystopian Literature

Pencil Crayon and Permanent Marker on Drawing Paper
Know what happens when I read dystopian novels (specifically, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley) and have too much time to think about them?

I start coming up with ways to represent those novels through my current favourite style of art: vaguely abstract.

Because one of my favourite parts of art is thinking about and drawing conclusions from other people's art*, all I'm going to say about this piece is that I think it would have represented my idea better if the lines of black words where closer together.

How do you help yourself understand books as you read them?


*And I'm really tired and can't form sentences.


  1. I normally just read the page again. Your drawings are inspired... perhaps there is a future in book cover design waiting for you?

  2. That looks awesome. If I need to I re-read passages or pages. I loved Brave New World :)

  3. i love art but never seem to make enough time to go & enjoy it!

  4. I like the chain link look of this

  5. Well I don't usually make art out of it, but then I only read pulpy novels written for teenagers so it doesn't require a lot of comprehension. I do like your art. You should frame it and put it on the wall!