12 October, 2010

Eclectic Love 6: Knee Socks

Since the weather has started getting colder, so have my feet. And while I love to wear thick woolen sports socks at home, they don't fit in my shoes all that well, which has left me lusting after pretty, but warm socks.

My brain immediately leaps to knee socks, because while I absolutely adore the idea of them, they never actually work out for me. It's really such a burden having long legs. Having seen these though, I'm starting to think that I will have to find some that work on my legs.

Do you wear knee socks?



  1. Hmm if knee-high socks are usually too short for you, how about trying thigh-highs?

  2. Those are dope!!

  3. Eveytime I wear knee socks, they manage to fall down after 15 minutes! So I don't bother, but they are cute!

  4. Those are some cute knee socks! I no longer wear knee socks, but I do wear knee high boots, and I think both looks are very cute with skirts. And what do you mean long legs don't look good in knee socks? Of course they do! I'm looking forward to seeing some photos soon.

  5. oooh yes knee socks are a must in this chilly weather! These ones are very pretty.
    Rianna xxx

  6. We seem to be of one mind today, Rosie, I'm also going on about OTK. One thing's for sure - long legs are needed to wear them, so you should be fine and these here are really cute. xo

  7. These are cute! I personally don't wear them since I have short legs, but since yours are long they should work just fine!

  8. Haha! Cool tie at the top. No, I do not. If I do, they're underneath my jeans (I know, defeats the purpose, but they keep me warm).