25 October, 2010

What I Wore: Purple and Green and RED

Jeans, KappAhl; shoes, Fly London; shirt, H&M; sweater, ???; headband, Lululemon.

I've spent the past several days doing tons of cleaning and packing, so outfits have pretty much just been whatever I happened to throw on in the morning. Today, I wouldn't have gotten dressed at all, except I had to go down to the post office, and my conscious wouldn't let me walk across town in my pyjamas.

I would have actually loved this outfit if I had had a pair of black, green or purple shoes to wear with it, but I was reasonably happy with it as it is.

What do you wear when you have to run out but don't want to get dressed?



  1. I am a bad fashion blogger, and will wear a cardigan and yoga pants when I don't feel like getting dressed.

  2. that sweater looks so darn cozy! :)

  3. when i don't want to get dressed it's baggy jeans, a cosy hoodie, a big thick scarf and converse. in the summer when it's hot you just replace the baggy jeans with shorts and get rid of the scarf! easy.
    thank you for your comment on the ol' blog as well! it made me smile :)
    x x x

  4. I actually think the shoes go really well with the colours you're wearing. Have to admit that I'm often guilty of the uggs & tracksuit bottoms look - but really ONLY when noone can see me.

  5. This works really well--the colors come together beautifully.
    Honestly, I went to a movie in my yoga gear the other night, but it was a late show with a friend who never notices what I'm wearing. :)

  6. Love those boots! And the chunky cardigan looks so cosy! The insurance company finally paid out for my stolen laptop so I am officially back with a mac! Woop!

    Also the three hour French test you mentioned in your previous post does not sound fun. Hope you are well! :) x