19 September, 2010

No Make Up Week

As someone who very much believes in giving the world the best Rosie possible, I usually wear makeup. I feel more comfortable and confident when I'm wearing it, and for these reasons I'm far more outgoing and happy. Even though I tell myself I wear it for positive reasons, it's been over two years since I spent any meaningful amounts of time around my peers without my face painted.

I don't wear much, just some concealer, eyeliner and mascara, but every morning, I carefully paint it on. I can tell myself that it's self expression all I want, it doesn't change the fact that it has become a borderline addiction.

When I found out about No Make Up Week, I was both excited and fearful. I was excited because I know it will be an amazing experiment, and I'm sure I will feel differently about makeup after, but afraid because I honestly don't know if I can do it. I'm so used to painting over the little imperfections that it will be very strange to show my self to the world.

Do you wear make up? Will you try No Make Up Week?



  1. I'm too scared to go without makeup for a week at work. I have done it a day here and there because I forgot but the pressure of not putting it on is too great.

    At a minimum I put on lipstick. Next is eyeshadow and eye liner. Sometimes I use powder/foundation and then blush.

    I have had friends tell me they don't wear makeup and then I got ready with them and they wore makeup AND they spent longer putting it on than I did.

  2. mmmmm i LOVE wearing no make up. except today i did it for the first time in a while, and i saw an old classmate at a restaurant and she looked me in the eye and totally didn't recognize me!

  3. I normally have one day without make-up (e.g. Sunday) - but only if I'm sticking to basic acitivites like sports and shopping. On a 'normal work-day'?... That would be hard!

  4. I'm 40, and no one wants to see me without makeup on anymore. But when I was young I often went without. I still don't wear much - tinted moisturizer with SPF, concealer, mascara and some gloss most days. When I have time I add some eyeliner and blush, and when I really have time eye shadow. I would say that while you're young you should have fun with makeup, and then have fun with no makeup, because one day it won't be an option! (Fun makeup looks scary and no make up equally scary!)