21 April, 2009

Reasons to be Happy: April 21, 2009

1. One of the doors to my house no longer has a trench outside of it. 

2. I was sick today, and had all day to myself. Being sick wasn't nice, but watching the diggers outside my window was!

3. Ummm...  It's supposed to be warm tomorrow!

4. The rain will hopefully wash away some of the snow. 

5. I have my revision schedule for math class pretty much finalized. I just have to check some things with the teacher.


  1. thank you! :D
    sorry for my ignorance/curiosity, but what was the digger for?

    and hope the math goes well, i'm absolutely labouring through "inverse trigonometric functions" :( not fun.

    and hope you're feeling better soon :)!

  2. The digger was there because we are having drainage work done around our foundation, and they have to dig a big trench all around the house to do the works. The math should go well, The exam isn't for like a month and a half, but I like to be on top of things. We haven't started trigonometry yet, but I've heard from older friends that it's awful.