14 April, 2009

What I Wore: Strangely Casual

Sweater, Stiches; Skirt, hand me down; tights, American Apparel; boots, unsure. First off, the tights. they are actually super sparkly, but I couldn't seem to capture it, no matter what I tried. You can see them in all their sparkly glory here. You have to see them in person to fully appreciate them though. Secondly, the boots. These are the boots that I talk about wearing pretty much every week. Third and final point, my hair. It did not look like this for most of the day. Then I had double gym this afternoon last two periods, and my hair rebelled. 

This outfit felt strangely casual, I think it was because of the sweatshirt, and the denim. Still, sparkly tights and miniskirts aren't super casual.

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