23 April, 2009

Historical Inspiration

Love the jacket, the hat, basically all of it!

Reminds me that I really do love things flow-y and pink. 

Just, wow. 

Now I want a little black skirt suit, and hat, and, and...

Ohh! Major want! I love that she manages to look beautiful and put together, despite the fact that she is working in a factory. The fact that the jumpsuit is amazing doesn't hurt, though.

The photos are all links to where I found them.


  1. I love the jacket in the first picture!

    Ohh yes me too (: My boyfriend and I had a 'heated discussion' about which would be the best place to live, Rivendell or the Shire. The Shire is most definitely a close second though

  2. I really likethe last picture, and the third to last.

  3. These are so pretty! I want all of the outfits. Lovely selection :) x