04 April, 2009

What I Wore: Pretty Poncho & Untitled

I have been a bad blogger lately, haven't I? The receding snow, and warmer temperatures have led  me to spend pretty much all of my spare time outside, leaving not much time for blogging. 

On Wednesday, I wore this outfit:

White Shirt, my dad's; jeans, Gap; Belt, handmade birthday gift; bracelets, handmade from kit.
For some reason, the detail shots came out well, but not the full outfit shot. I really like this outfit, since it was really comfortable, but wasn't to normal. My make up was pretty weird, but the pictures didn't turn out all that well. I was wearing shimmery powder blue eyeshadow all around my eyes, and a somewhat frosted pink lipstick. I was wearing the earrings I wore in this post, and my bag matched my belt. 

On Thursday, I wore this awesome outfit:

Ir probably looks similar, since I wore a very similar outfit here. Pants, Lululemon; pink shirt, my faithful Old Navy cowl neck; poncho, as stated before, handmade gift. But look! Outdoors outfit shot! It was finally warm enough to leave the house with out a coat, and I took full advantage of this paired with the sunshine to take my shots outside. I really liked this outfit, since wearing the poncho is like walking around with a giant blanket wrapped around you, so I was warm all day. 

I wore a really neat outfit on Friday buy didn't get a chance to take a picture. I was wearing an awesome, flowing, just below my knee length lime green sparkly skirt, with a really cool jean jacket that has lime green cuffs and elbow patches, plus a fuzzy hot pink scarf collar. I think that I will wear it again soon, so I'll take a picture then. 

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