26 March, 2009

What I Wore: Clown Pants and Polka Dots

I had this awesome outfit planned out for Monday, but due to an ill timed headache and then a snow storm, I wore it on Wednesday instead.  Shirt, West Coast Connection; pants, thrifted; scarf, thrifted; bag, gift, not sure what brand since it doesn't have a visible tag in it. The bag is this weird jelly like material, and is several years old. I wore my tall black leather boots, that have an inch and a half heel. Even with the heel, the extremely wide hem touched the ground. Just to give you an idea of how wide they are, the hem is almost as wide as the waist. They are a bit like clown pants, but I got a ton of compliments!

Black blazer, as old time readers will know, is from Dale's Department Store; jeans, thrifted; tank top, Lu
lulemon. Not much to say about this outfit, only that it was constructed from the need to wear short sleeves, and not wanting to be cold all day. We had some shots done today, which is why I needed short sleeves. It would have gone well, but I reacted badly to one of them and had to come home early. Thankfully, no hives, or lack of breathing, just dizzyness.

I really like my earrings today, so here is a close up. They were a gift from my grandmother, and I'm pretty sure that she had had them since the 80s. The necklace was a gift form my aunt at Christmas, and I haven't worn it yet. The earrings really don't match the outfit, but I really wanted to wear them so I decided to let them bring some colour and spontaneity to my outfit.

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