08 March, 2009

I'm back!

My trip to Halifax was really fun, and now I'm back. I got several new things, so here they are!

This is a very strange but pretty awesome jacket, which I found in a second hand shop, for 32$. You can't really tell from the picture, but it's a very plush faux fur. 

Pretty straight forward, a red U neck shirt from Smart Set. The awesome factor was the price. Did I pay the full 14$? Nu-un! It was twenty percent off, and with tax I ended up paying something around twelve dollars. Is it an amazing deal? Not really, but still pretty awesome.

These look really fugly don't they? In reality, these are totally awesome, faux pleather leggings. Yes, faux pleather. They may look short, however, they are fully ankle length. I paid a total of seven dollars before seeing several VERY similar pairs for significantly more money. Ok, so the upper inner thigh of the left leg did rip when I got home and put them on to show a friend, but it was along the seam so I'll sew them up, and they will be worn in the near future.

What more can I say? Awesome beaded shrug-thing, on an amazing sale. It was the winter clearance sale, and apparently this is winter? Does that make sense to you? Anyway, I fell completely in love, and a handy sale saved me form anguish, since there is no way I would pay 110$ for it, no matter how much I loves it.

The last items I got were two pairs of American Apparel tights, and I will talk more about those when I wear them.

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