12 March, 2009


I hate oral presentations. Especially when you are the youngest member of the class, with one other person close to your age and everyone else 1 to almost 2 years older than you. and you don't really know anyone. 

The only positive thing is that I am one of the two people in the class that doesn't have an accent when speaking english. (Incase you don't know, I'm an anglophone who attends a francophone high school.) 

This post is completely without meaning. I just needed to express my dislike for oral presentations, and my family just tells me to suck it up.


  1. so many people get nerves when it come to oral presentations. i hope you're feeling a little better now that it's over & done with & just remember, next time, everyone is just as scared as you - some just do a better job of covering their fear!!

  2. Thanks! It went pretty well, I think, so I was panicked for nothing!