04 March, 2009

Reasons to be Happy: March 4, 2009

As readers of my Live Journal blog will remember, every Tuesday I do a post where I list five things that are making me happy. They will also remember that I am frequently a day or two late with publishing it. So, here we are on Wednesday, and I am writing it, but at least it's only a day late!

1. It's march break!! One glorious week with absolutely no school, no getting up ridiculously early, sitting through tedious classes, ect. (This also explains why I'm late posting this, I forgot it was Tuesday yesterday.)


I'm going on a trip!! Yay! I'm leaving tomorrow to spend a few days with my Aunt, Uncle and two year old cousin in Halifax NS.

3. Visiting my Aunt means that we go SHOPPING! This is fun since none of my family other than her enjoys shopping with me, since nobody else likes the same kind of stuff, and gets that shopping isn't just something we do when we need new running shoes.

4. I am going down on the train, and for some this means four or more hours of boredom, I'm looking forward to it as time to catch up on podcasts, read, sketch and do other things like that. 

5. I got a new book today, and it's all about sewing purses, so I am really looking forward to making some new bags.

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