16 March, 2009

What I Wore

As my second last post explained, I had an Oral Presentation on Friday. I wanted to look professional, but not boring and this is what i wore:

Black blazer, on sale at Dale's Department Store; Sort of visible black tank top, Smart Set a while back; Black pants, Lululemon

Here is a close up of the Jewelery:

The necklace is a sun cross that my Grandmother brought back from Ireland when I was younger (I'm not religious at all, I just like the necklace.). The Flower is from the Halifax Farmer's Market and is made form my dad's family tartan, Black Watch. The other brooch is my parent's brought back from Scotland, and it is made from a Heather Gem set in  silver.

My second outfit is what I wore to a workshop for a club I'm in on Saturday. 

This is what I would have worn if it weren't cold. The red t-shirt is the Smart Set one I bought in Halifax, Old Nazy jeans.

This is what I ended up wearing all day, since it was somewhat chilly. The sweater is Lululemon.


  1. I love the brooches on the black blazer. :-)

  2. Thanks! They helped me feel a little less like a teen in yoga pants and a tank top, which isn't the most sophisticated sort of outfit for a presentation!