04 March, 2009

ShopBop Sale

In case you hadn't heard there are some sales on at ShopBop. This is the first time I have forayed into the website, and I thought I would check it out. I decided, since it's a big site, that I would only look at the shoes in my size that are on sale. I have picked out some of my favorites. I won't actually be buying any of them, but they are fun to look at.

This Diane von Furstenberg bootie is 238.50$, and was originally 795.00$. So, it's pretty good bargain. i would love to buy it, and wear it with everything from a miniskirt with tights, to jeans and yoga pants.

The second shoe I came across that I actually considered buying was this Leopoldo Giordano. It's only 163.50$ down from 545.00$. From my point of View, this is a very all purpose shoe for the warmer times of the year, and I would get it in taupe, but it's also available in Navy.

I positively adore this Report Signature Shoes sandal. It has an ankle strap, which is always nice with a fairly open shoe. it's 136.50$, down from 195.00$, so not a great steal, but it's still a nice shoe for a somewhat reasonable price, depending on how much you generally spend on shoes. Imagine this with scrunched up black skinnies, or a cute dress!

The final shoe that caught my eye is this Dolce Vita. Again, an ankle strap. which is always good, and I really like the grey and white. I tend to lean towards black, so would be a neat way to lighten up a dark outfit. 115.50$ down from 165.00$, so again not an amazing sale, but still pretty good.

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