19 July, 2009

An Long Over Due Explanation, and Some Inspiration

Right. It has been seven days since I last posted. My only excuse is that it was really nice out, so I spent several days sprawled on a beach, then I had my wisdom teeth out. That left me in too much pain to do anything except lie in bed, lick popsicles, and read for several days. Just as I was recovering, we decided to move the furniture and switch desks in most of the house, so I spent a day and a half helping with that and getting my newly configured room in order. And now I have found some awesomely inspirational photos.

I simply adore this bathing suit! So much more flattering, and so much sexier than the tiny little bikinis we wear today!

What isn't to love about that headdress? It seems to have beads or pearls, and maybe some sort of feathers sticking out from it.

I really like her top, especially how it fits her perfectly, and is so perfect over another top! Sexy, but modest.

(All images from the The Commons.)


  1. aww the first photo is so sweet!! haha, i'm glad you get me on that whole guy thing too =_="

    and my shoes are wimpering at the moment from all these kidnapping plots!! :D


  2. I am so not looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth out...
    Lovely pictures!

    Re your comment: I still can't study abroad until I'm 18, so it's not like I have that much of an advantage.

  3. Ahh, wisdom teeth :X I hope your mouth is feeling fine! And I LOVE that bathing suit, I think retro bathing suits are the best!