01 August, 2009

Rose of the Summer Wedding

This is a picture I took a while back of a rose in my garden, and it inspired me to create a set on polyvore. Here is the result:

I chose the green dress to serve as a background, like the bush is a back ground to roses. Then the rosettes on the purse and headband are self explanatory. I chose the shoes to stick to the colour scheme. I decided to go with simple gold jewelry, because I felt that it was a better match with the other colours than silver.

I see this ensemble being worn to your friends garden wedding, in the full bloom of summer. I don't ever see this outfit on me, well at least not on summer '09 Rosie, but I can imagine a person very similar to me, but different, wearing it, if that makes sense. What I am trying to say is that it is a outfit I designed for someone with a personality like mine, but a different style.

Thoughts? Requests?


  1. oooh! pretty! pink and green is my absolute fave color combination! =)


  2. The whole outfit is beautiful darling. It reminds me of spring somehow.


  3. wow, great colour coordination here!! your photo is lovely too :D