20 August, 2009

The Number One Thing to Have When Flying

Besides a private jet, a giant shawl/pashmina/scarf thingy. Here is why:

- It can be worn like a sweater when you are waiting around or in the plane.
- When you get cold, you can use it as a blanket.
- When you aren't using it, you can fold it down to next to nothing and put it in your bag much more easily than you could a sweater or blanket.
- They are very warm for something so thin.
- They are oh so elegant!

What are you waiting for? Go find one you like and start saving, or if you can, just buy it! They are useful for much more than plane rides.

On another note, my giant scarf and I are jetting off for UmeƄ, Sweden, then Stockholm, Sweden, and finally Iceland. I will be gone until the 31st of August, but I am not deserting you entirely. I have scheduled posts for every other day, starting tomorrow, so be sure to check back often. As noted at the bottom of all the scheduled posts, I am away from my computer, and while I may be tweeting a bit, I will not be able to respond to comments immediately. If you do comment, I will respond, but it probably won't be till I get home. Thanks for being so patient!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. have a wonderful time...that is a gret tip!

  2. Have an absolutely awesome time Rosie! And enjoy your shawl.

  3. I am so envious! Sounds like a great trip. Nice tip.

  4. hope you have an amazing time, and keep up the glamour :D

  5. Ah yes scarves are great! You can jsut take them off if you are feeling warm. & they are so small to fit into any bag.

  6. Good advice, I'll work it into my trip to NY this winter.
    The flip-side to this, or course, would be to turn airline blankets into fashion icons... think it can be done?

  7. A pashmina sounds like a worthwhile investment.
    Have a fun trip!

  8. i have a few pashminas in different colours, i agree - so versatile! have a great trip, i would love to visit stockholm

  9. wow, talk about planning ahead! a sheduled post every other day??

  10. Sweden! Jealous! I've always wanted to go.
    thanks for the award we'll get to it eventually. We (coughtangerinecough) are a bit slow.