09 August, 2009

What I Wore: Sexy Secretary, I Guess

Skirt, thrifted; tank top, Smart Set; Shawl, Joe Fresh; Earrings, handmade by a friend; Book (A Secret Garden), vintage from my grandmother.

So you can see my eyeliner and
earrings better.

The pattern on my skirt, closer up.

And a final shot of the outfit.

I bought this shawl last night, when we went grocery shopping. I am in love. It's super long, and not too wide, around two meters by half a meter, and I have already found a gazillion ways to wear it, so expect to see it often.

For a while during the day I had my shawl wrapped around my shoulders and tied in back, sort of hard to explain, but I will show you some day soon, and it matched my top perfectly, so my clothing felt very sexy secretary.

My brother had his birthday party today, which was fun, because there was cake, but also annoying, since there were lots of preteen boys in the house. Preteen boys who are of an age where all of a sudden, my low cut tank top is very appealing.

Thoughts? Requests?


  1. Your grocery store sells supercute shawls?? Where do you go shopping, and can I come next time?

    Love this outfit, and love the colors of your walls!

  2. i love those earrings, and i must try all-around-the-eye liner soon...

  3. the pattern on that skirt is so lovely and the shawl is a nice touch to your outfit ^^!!

  4. really lovely ear-rings, remind me of coral

  5. i love the skirt! lol about the preteen boys!

    hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  6. Preteen boys - Nightmare. But I would definately risk it if there was cake involved. Love the shawl and can't wait to see what else you pair it with! :) x