30 August, 2009

The Importance of Shoes When Packing

So, as you know by now, I am currently on vacation. Going away means packing, and unless you have no problem carting around multiple suitcases or have someone to cart them around for you, packing means a limited selection of shoes.

Depending on the length of your trip and the activities planned, you will need different shoes, but this is a rough guide on what to bring for a vacation in the city that will last more than, say three day. When you pack your shoes, only pack shoes that will be able to work their way into any outfit, so you don't end up packing more than you really need.

The Walking Shoe
No, these are not usually pretty. I know that they will make some outfits a lot less fun. But your feet will thank you when you decide to take a stroll through town to look at all the pretty architecture. Wearing a pair of shoes that supports your feet properly when you are walking will mean that when you check out the night scene in four inch heels, your feet won't be sore the moment you look at the evening shoes.

The Cute but Pretty Comfy Shoe

These are the shoes you wear when you are sight seeing, shopping, going out for lunch, meeting up with your friends, ect. They are cute (or edgy, or classy, or whatever you want to project), but they aren't too painful. I would recommend a flat shoe, such as converse, flats, whatever floats your boat. If you have to wear heels for this shoe, keep them lower.

The Evening Shoe
These are probably high heeled, as high as you can walk in. They probably have a very narrow heel, and they are always very glamorous. These are the ones you wear to go out dancing, if you can dance in them. They probably leave your feet screaming with agony, but they make your legs look so amazing that it doesn't matter.

Voila, your traveling shoe wardrobe!

An alternative way to pack shoes:

Doc Martens
I know a lot of you are going to disagree, but they fit in all three categories. From what I have heard, they are comfy to walk in, I know that they look amazing, and they are very much sexy enough for evening wear, in my opinion. Ok, so you may want to pack a pair of heels too, but it isn't mandatory.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. im not really a fan of sneakers but
    oh how i loved the pumps and boots!


  2. I just had to deal with this problem when packing for a trip... I ended up bringing a few too many shoes - I had this crazy idea that I needed TWO pairs of comfy flat sneakers, ballet flats, heels, walking shoes, and flip flops for the pool. Of course, I used only two or maybe three of these. :P

    By the way, I also LOVE the pumps!

  3. I hate packing. And I hate the 'comfy shoes problem'. BUt I'm lucky to have a pair of low heeled peeptoes that are so worn out and soft I can walk with them a whole day and not get tired until the last meters on my way back. I keep bringing them to the clobbers to have the heels and bottom fixed so they'll last just a little bit longer, just a little bit... Wedges can be a quite comfy alternative as well!

    And I agree on the dr.Martens, even though I most likely would not wear them myself.

  4. I see almost everybody rocking Doc Martens these days and it looks fab! I don't see me trying on a pair though, uhh.
    Note to self: Have some guts, girl.

    Great post! xx

  5. i also vote in rubber flip-flops in case your hotel has a pool. :)

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