12 August, 2009

Ack! A Duck!

First of all, thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for posts! I will be getting those posts out, and if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know!

Today's post is about photography again. During the same trip when I took a photo of the thistle, there was a duck on the boardwalk. I took some photos, and here is what I found.

First photo: Just plain camera, set to the sunlight setting, vivid colours.

Second Photo: Same camera settings, but with the lens held against my sunglasses lens.

Now, the reason I am posting this is simply because I thought it was interesting that while I see the world with just slightly more vividly and dark, but my camera sees the world with a green tint when I expose it to the same sunglasses. I guess I just found it interesting. And I do promise that I will have better posts soon, I just need to figure out which question to address first, ect.

So there you have it. A duck!

Thoughts? Requests?


  1. Kind of cool how the photos change colour because you took one of them through your sunglasses!

  2. Such a cute picture! I would love to see more of your photos! xxooxox

  3. SO cool! I love the second pic though.


  4. wow! both great. hope to see more of your photos

  5. that's lovely, i never did that! :) taking a picture through sunglasses lens. i'll try it out <3

  6. I love ducks! Sunglasses can make a really interesting effect.

  7. she's so cute:)
    I guess it's not a dude:)

  8. wow, this was definitely interesting, and the duck is so cute :D!! the second photo seems to highlight the sunlight hitting the water under the bridge, love it ^^