22 August, 2009

The Unknown Temperature Packing Dilemma

I left on a vacation yesterday, and I have to admit, I had some trouble when it came to packing, because the temperatures vary from 5 degrees celsius to 20 degrees celsius where I am headed at this time of year. If I am facing this dilemma, I'm fairly certain that there are more people facing it elsewhere. Here is my solution:

1. Wear dresses and skirts, instead of pants, but preferably skirts.
2. Bring mostly short sleeved tops.
3. Tights are your friend! This brings us back to point number one. You can wear a skirt on it's own when it is warm, and the moment it gets chilly, slide on a pair of tights!
4. Bring a cardigan to throw over your t-shirts and tank tops, because they, like the tights, allow you to wear a piece when it is warm and cold.
5. If it looks like it might get colder than your cardigan can handle, bring along a jacket, and a hat. I choose a beret, because I happen to really like them.
6. Don't forget the shoes! I choose a pair of tall Doc Martens, for chillier days, and because I love them, and a pair of cute pumps for the evenings or days when you will be sitting and it is warmer.

Does anyone else have any tips or ideas?

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

(PS: Remember that this is a scheduled post, and while I will eventually reply to any comments or questions, it might take a while.)


  1. I think you should bring short things like skirts but leggings you can out under in case it gets cold, cardigans, light jackets, things that give you options of layering.

    I often have trouble packing also good luck!

    great polyvore btw love the boots

  2. my gosh, that purple pumping through your outfit collage is GLORIOUUUSS! :D hope you're having an amazing time too <3

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  4. i love your picks (:
    awesome idea that of layering, i like it
    and the colors you chose too