14 November, 2009

What I Wore: Bleu et Or (Blue and Gold)

Gold shirt, Nygard; dress (worn as a skirt), Sirens; leggings, ???; boots, La Canadien

Today was a school spirit day at school, so I came dressed in the school colours. Which are, obviously, blue and gold. I may have absolutely no interest in sports, but that doesn't stop me from showing my support for our teams.

I ended up somewhat regretting this outfit though, cause it is rather unflattering. This shirt is just too loose, and the waist band hits me at an awkward spot on my hips.

I also ended up being cold all day, and wore my shawl/scarf/pashmina thing around my shoulders all day too stay warm.

Enough complaining though, I love these boots with these leggings! This is the second time I have worn them together recently, and I think they will be reappearing frequently. I don't know what I will do when these leggings go though, since they are amazing, and I highly doubt that I will be able to thrift a second pair of pleather leggings, in exactly my size. I guess I will just cross that bridge when I get there.

I decided to post a close up of my eye make up because... I don't know why I am posting it, but I liked it. I realized this morning that I really like liquid eyeliner, even if I can get a smoother line with my pencil. I want to get some in black, since I don't wear blue that often, although it does make my eyes look greener. And I completely understand if you didn't get a word of that.

The bracelet in the left photo was a gift from my Grandmother, who received it from a boyfriend when she was young. Which places it in the early sixties. It is one of the very few vintage items I own, and I really like it. I never know what to wear it with, since it has five different coloured scarab shaped stones, but I think I will wear it more.

The sword bracelet is actually a necklace that I made with a playmobile sword "borrowed' from my little sister and some fishing line. I just wrapped it around my wrist, since my shirt wasn't exactly necklace friendly.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. I can't handle liquid eyeliner for the life of me. I have it in my makeup bag and every few weeks I drag it out and try it, but I always end up rubbing all off my eyes and then trying to hurridly redo it all in pencil.

  2. i like the blue- it definitely looks good with your eyes. :) i don't have the skill necessary for liquid liner, though...

  3. When you're rich and famous, you'll upgrade to this sword: http://wendybrandes.com/pro-detail.php?colid=28&collect=true&id=406

  4. i think you look lovely :) always love your make up ! if only i'm good on it . lol . have a nice weekend !

  5. Who knew school colors could look so good!

  6. Fantastic, I love the leathery tights with the boots! Great look!

  7. I really like this color combination. I actually like my school's colors, too, and often wear them accidentally on spirit days even though I have very little school spirit. I actually don't think this is that unflattering :)