08 November, 2009

St. Trinian's: A Movie Review

Seeing as I haven't worn, done, or thought anything at all stylish in the past week, I decided that today's post would be about a movie I recently watched, and enjoyed very much.

Usually, when I watch a movie and enjoy, I write it down on a list in my head, to be watched again sometime down the road, when I don't know what to watch. With St. Trinian's, I watched it again, and then a third time, within a week. Yeah, I liked it that much.

One of the things I liked a lot about St. Trinian's was the fact that while the characters are total caricatures, they are still the sort of people I would want to go to school with. I love my friends, but I think I would fit right in at St. Trinian's. So, for me, cool characters was a definite plus here.

Another thing I really liked was the sheer craziness of the whole movie. The whole plot is just so out there and sort of random, that it is a really fun movie.

Third point of awesomeness: the soundtrack is awesome. I discovered a whole bunch of british artists who I really love now while watching this movie. I totally plan on buying the soundtrack, and CDs by some of the artist who are involved.

What are you waiting for? Watch! I highly doubt that you will regret it.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

Also, good job if you made the connection to the Just Your Everyday... post from a few weeks back, Just Your Everyday Kelly from St. Trinian's. Virtual cookies to you for having a good memory and actually remembering my ramblings!


  1. i was really inspired by lily cole's geek chic style in that movie :) if only school uniforms were able to be tweaked around like that !!

  2. I saw this trailer a while back and can't wait to watch the movie. It seems like a really fun sleep over movie. :)

  3. this movie is insane, but oh so fun. I love the customized outfits of the characters, Gemma Arterton as bondage schoolgirl hehe

  4. I LOVE this film! Used to watch it on repeat with my friends, my favourites are the posh totties because everyone secretly wants to be them. The grammar school I go to is so shit compared to this I'd love to board! I love the music too! The SOphie-Ellis Bexter song is amazing.


  5. haha, thanks , it's actually just a bow clipped on at the back =P guess they look like ears.