22 November, 2009

Another Post With No Actual Content

Today has really been insane. I was working on my tech project when our internet shut off without explanation. Then my brother managed to break the faucet on the kitchen sink, and we had to make dinner using the bathroom and bedroom sinks. Washing mushrooms next to your bed is very strange, for the record. Then my parents and brother drove 45 minutes each way to get a new faucet, and I helped my dad and brother fix the sink. Then the internet came back on, and life is good again.

fangs, eyes, blind, vampires, skull @ Through the Wilderness
I found this picture today, and I realized I have been planning on sharing it since I drew it in art class last may. I went on to make a mask out of it, which is a complete failure, but I love the sketch.

I drew the eyes like this to represent all the times when we see things, and yet don't see them. I guess a better way to put it would be that we look at things, but we don't really think about what they mean.

It has fangs to represent all the people who use you, and suck the happiness out of your life.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. Ooh I love it - its like a gothic mermaid! I want to see it in colour, or is it best in black and white?


  2. Bedroom sink? I really hate it when internet doesn't work, good that you got it back.=)

  3. Ah I see, that's not such a bad idea.=)

  4. You had me fooled. There's actual content! :)

  5. sounds like a minorly catastrophic day! glad everything worked out. You should show the mask that goes with it.

  6. I hope that the people that this represents are out of your life now!