17 November, 2009

What I Wore: Club Monaco and Cat Ears

daily outfit, high waisted wide legged black and green pants, black Club monaco Shirt, cat ears, hush puppies wedges @ Through the WildernessPant, handmade, thrifted; shirt, Club Monaco, thrifted; shoes, Hush Puppies; necklace, gift; ears, handmade by me.

I am insanely in love with these pants. In a school full of skinny jeans, I really stand out :). I really like this shirt too, I hadn't worn it before today, but it is one of my new favourtites.

When I was planing my outfit last night, I realized that this outfit was hovering on the line of sort of plain, so I decided that my cat ears would enjoy a field trip. Of course, between the ears (~5 cm/2") and the shoes (~5 cm/2"), I was a full 186 cm, or 6'1", which is quite a bit above average, but whatever. I do like to stick out.

eye make up, green eyeshadow, L'oréal Paris, black liquid eyeliner, Maybelinne, Lash Stiletto, black mascara @ Through the Wilderness

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. Sweet! I love that last photo especially. :-) So does that mean that you are 5'9 normally? LUCKYYYYYYY

  2. wowww you're so tall ! i'm just 160 :( nice necklace and make up dear ! have a nice day ! :)

  3. I love trousers like that... they're so comfortable and contrast nicely with tighter tops. Loving those cat-ears and your eye-shadow!

  4. This is such a glamorous look! I really love the make-up!

  5. I love that you added cat ears...you are a rockstar!

  6. What a lovely necklace! I also just LOVE your hair and eye-makeup :))

  7. I actually love the cat ears.
    Very cute!