10 November, 2009

Last Chance at the Costume Not-Contest

pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, costume contest, halloween @ Through the Wilderness
I know I said that the halloween costume not contest would end on the sixth, but I sort of let it slid. So you know have 24 hours to enter if you haven't already! I have only received a few entries, so please, please send in a photo or a link. Even if your region doesn't celebrate Halloween, why not get dressed up and take a few pictures, just for the fun of it?

Tomorrow night I will post the finalists, or all the submission if I still have less than ten, and the voting will begin.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. sorry! i meant to enter but haven't yet gotten around to re-taking my (horrible) pictures. i will definitely try, though...

  2. i hope i'm still one of the contestants. cant wait to see my competition.

  3. well , good luck for everyone who joins this contest ! i just don't have any costumes to wear and i'm not in a creative mood . sorry ! i hope you'll get a lot of entries !

  4. I'm excited to see everyone's costumes! I entered mine didn't I? :) x