07 November, 2009

Looking Amazing, even if you don't feel it

So, as you probably noticed, I completely fell off the map. For almost a whole week! I'd like to tell you that I had mountains of homework, or that someone died, or I eloped, or something that would sort of make up for just being gone. Sadly, all that happened is the flu. I got sick, and despite having all day to blog, I just couldn't think of anything to post about. Anyways, I had an idea today! *happy dance*

Glamour... when you really want to sleep

I may have spent all week in pyjamas, but I realize that many people don't have the luxury of just staying home when they are sick. So I started thinking about what I would wear if I had to get dressed and actually function when sick. Here are the guidelines I thought up:

1. Not tights. I love the look of tights, but they are a pain to wear. Besides, for me at least, a rip in my tights can be enough to push me from I'm dealing to full on tears, not really needed. Anyways, unless you live someplace warm, no tights means pants. I cannot advocate wearing sweat pants, and you could wear jeans, but the won't have the effect we are going for, so trousers, pants, whatever you want to call them, are the thing to go for.

2. Comfort is key! A thin, long sleeved shirt will be cool enough if you get overheated, and a scarf/wrap can be very warm when you get chilled.

3. You could go two ways with shoes: comfy flats, or wicked heels. If you don't usually wear heels, now is not the time. But, if you are comfortable in them, go for it, unless you have to walk or stand much. Sore feet can have the same effect as ripped tights.

4. Keep make up simple. If you are sick, you should try to let your skin breath. Yes, you may feel sort of exposed, but your skin will thank you later. A bit of lippy and any necessary concealer should be enough.

5. Keep those large, dark sunglasses on hand, so you can project an image of unapproachability when you really don't want to be bothered.

That's it! You are ready to look amazing, even if you don't feel amazing.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. I was about to do a drwing post on this once whne I was sick too but never made it. Well anyway, when I'm not feeling well I actually wear tights, but thick cotton or wool mix ones, since I find them comfy and warm! I pair them with this one long cardigan (long enough to work as kind of a dress)I have for that purpose only and a whatever warm enough underneath that, plus a huge scarf to hide half of my face in :) Heels look best with that ensemble but I guess boots would work too.

  2. I love tights, but yes, they're a pain to wear. you can have a pair for 2 years and finally get a run or a new pair for 2 hours and they're already ruined. plus the other day I failed to towel myself off well enough post-shower and ended up chaffing from my tights..eww

  3. hope you're feeling better now. love the shoes in the polyvore. i live in tights, super thick, so they're like trousers

  4. these are really great tips! sometimes i do not know what to wear, especially when it's cold and yickyy out haha :(

  5. i think 5 is especially important... and i hope your feeling better!

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  7. Love your post! Hope you're feeling better.