02 December, 2009

A Shopping Ban: Week 8 and resisting temptation

This is just a quick shopping ban update. So far, I have had zero slip ups, but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to tempt myself by going to a mall. I actually haven't even been thrifting lately, I just don't have time anymore.

So let that be my "wisdom" for today: removing temptation works wonders. For any sort of problem I have encountered so far anyways.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. Good on you. I did a shopping ban before I left to go travelling and now it's just second nature. I buy almost everything I need second hand (charity stores etc) and tend not to be too excessive. So I guess the best motivation for me was the overseas trip I was saving for. Now it's leading a less consumptive lifestyle. Have you seen skip1.org? You might like it :)

  2. merci beaucoup Rosie, je suis vraiment contente que tu aimes mes dernières créations^^ et je suis très touchée par ton compliment :)
    passe une très bonne journée :) take care!

  3. Keep going strong, chica! I'm so impressed with your restraint!

  4. week 8! wow i wou;ld be rich by now if i lasted 8 weeks lol xxxx

  5. Congrats on week eight! I don't think I could ever get that far, haha. x

  6. I've been buying way too much things. Need to stop too!