13 December, 2009

Introducing Dream Rosie

Dream Style: December 12 2009

In my dream world, where I am not only smart but also athletic and musical, where guys can't help falling for me, and where I get what I want, this is what I'm wearing. In real life, where I am smart, but a couch potato who can't carry a tune, where I can't figure out why I can't get a date, and where I am stuck thinking about saving for university, I am wearing much more boring clothing.

That's why you are spending today's post with Dream Rosie. A brief introduction: she is smart, funny, has a few close friends (like me), but she also has tons of friends and acquaintances. She never passes up a party, she can dance the night away without breaking a sweat, and only ever drinks vodka or champagne. Dream Rosie always gets the guy she wants, and is a great girlfriend, but leaves a trail of broken hearts behind her, since guys can't help from liking her.

Dream Rosie flatters her curvy body with close fitting pencil skirts, and the occasional tutu, paired with anything lace, mesh, leather or studded. Heels are a must, for every occasion. Her colours of preference are black and red, and she rarely wears any other colours. Her look is topped off with a smoky eye and red lips, ebony curls across the porcelain skin of her face.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. =O i don't believe you can't get a date!
    its always fun to pretend to be someone else for a while, but you always gotta remember (ok so here comes the cheesy corny stuff) all your good points!! gorgeous description of dream rosie though ;)

  2. dream rosie sounds quite achievable for real Rosie. Seriously, minus the singing skills you can be everything else!

  3. haha, love it. (and those zip-up red booties!) like whenever anyone asks me for my style, i can never answer, but i always give them my "ideal" style-what i would wear if i had the money, weather, ect. ;)

  4. Oh I love the red zipper booties! Do you know where they're from?