28 December, 2009

But Look!

So, I really wanted to post something interesting and style related, but then I slept in, watched Lord of the Rings, ate dinner, watched more Lord of the Rings, met my friends adorable cousin, was called a carrot, an elephant, and many other things, did some stuff I can't seem to remember, talked on skype for a while, and then realized that it was midnight, and had absolutely no interesting, stylish thoughts to share with you today.

But look! A pretty dragonfly! Yes, in December. Cause I found it when I was flipping though some photos today.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. that picture is so pretty-i love the lattice-like wings and brillian electric blue color of the dragonfly! =)


  2. I like this post, only because I am obsessed with dragonflies =)

  3. you really captured that blue dragonfly.
    i love it. gorgeous color blue!

  4. oh wow, that's an amazing photo, the colour is just beautiful . hope you had a lovely christmas xoxo

  5. oh, that dragonfly looks so beautiful ♥

  6. Oh it's beautiful, and such a good view of it. :) What a gorgeous colour it is.

    Florrie x