11 December, 2009

Product Review: Suncoat Water-Based Nail Polish

Look! This post contains actual content. Go on, faint from the shock, I'll wait.

A few weeks back, my wonderful mummy picked up a bottle of Suncoat Nail Polish for me. As older readers know, my mother has a thing against nail polish. I first heard of this water-based nail polish when Fin (the most stylish, and still straight guy I know), saw an article in his local newspaper, and sent me the link. He then went on to be a huge suck up when my mother said that she would have to go over the ingredients carefully, but that's another story.

Anyways, one Saturday a few weeks ago, she came home with this:

blue nail polish, Suncoat nail polish, nail polish, water-based nail polish @ Through the Wildernessclear top coat, water-based nail polish, Suncoat nail polish @ Through the WIlderness

A bottle of Peacock blue, and a bottle of top coat. It goes without saying that I had electric blue fingers within minutes. I actually loved the colour so much that I decided to do a theme week: blue. I wanted to review this product to finish off the theme week, but time just got away from me. That seems to be happening a bit too much lately, come to think of it. Anyways, here are my thoughts on Suncoat water based nail polish:

Application: Fairly nice, a bit fussy. I found that three super thin coats plus a coat of top coat worked well, but it took a while.

Colour: LOVE! This colour is so gorgeous, I absolutely love it. It has little specks of glitter, and three this coats give gloriously opaque coverage. The top coat is great too, shiny but completely clear.
hand, blue nail polish, Suncoat nail polish, nail polish, water-based nail polish @ Through the Wildernesshand, blue nail polish, Suncoat nail polish, nail polish, water-based nail polish @ Through the Wilderness

Survival: Fairly good. Apart from a few small chips, it lasted about four days. The major chips began, an I couldn't help picking it off. That four days of wearing may vary though, I am hard on my nails, they have to put up with: frequent hot glue incidents, jewelry clasps, hair, zippers, lots of typing, ect.

Over all: I liked this product, Not something I would wear all the time, too high maintenance, but I definitely like it. The price is pretty steep ( I think mine cost 13$ a bottle), but I might buy another bottle, red I think. All in all, it is fun, and I liked it.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

(When I reviewed Sula Paint&Peel Nail Polish, several of you asked why my mother (who is a biochemist) is against normal nail polish. This is her answer: "The solvents ( the products that keep it liquid then dry away). Most of them cause cancer, when placed on lab animals. People say that you are just putting it on nails, dead tissue, but it soaks in." And yes, that is exactly what she said, word for word. )

(I am not in anyway connected to Suncoat, I just like this nail polish)


  1. Cute. Good Review :) Fellow IFB member ;)


  2. Love the color of that blue polish! I have some very similar. Hard to wear though.

  3. an amazing shade! although your mother's comments do worry me slightly as i have worn nail varnish every day of my life since i was about 10!!

  4. Really nice shade and a great review.

  5. Loving the colour! This water-based idea sounds like a good 'un... I think I'll be considering it for the future!

    - Anna Jane xx

  6. I tried to comment on this before but it wouldn't let me. I love the colour - I'm a big fan of blue nail varnish but completely didn't know about the damaging effect that it possibly has - crazy! At least you've found one that your mum agrees with! And yes I'll be wearing the hat soon, as soon as my skin clears up and I can find someone to take a picture! :) x

  7. Love that colour nail polish!
    what a stunning colour ;)
    awesome post

  8. keep your reviews coming...there has to be a good one out there!

  9. You have GREAT nails! Mine are all round, stubby and broken!

  10. that sounds bad (and your mom definitely sounds like she knows what she's talking about!), but i don't think i could ever give up my nailpolish...