09 December, 2009

Super Exclusive Sneak Preview

This an exclusive, sneak peak of two posts that will be up fairly soon, and one that will get posted eventually. By which I obviously mean that I am tired and have been to cold to wear anything cool.

black t-shirt, flowers, joe fresh, DIY @ Through the WildernessI saw this t0-shirt in the clothing section of my local grocery store, and thought: hey, that's cute! Wanna know what isn't cute? The fact that that was a size extra small (and way too big for me), and the 16 dollar price tag. I know, 16 dollars is fairly cheap. I'm fairly certain I could take a t-shirt, some fabric, and a few minutes, and my own version for cheaper.

prom dress, formal dress, black satin, unflattering, DIY, pencil skirt @ Through the WildernessThis is a dress I made myself, a year and a half ago for my middle school graduation. I love this dress, especially since it fits better know, especially in the bodice. My problem is that the slightly flared skirt does nothing to flatter my figure. Sometime soon, probably between the 18th of December and the January 2 (my Christmas holidays), I am going to transform it into a pencil skirted dress. I think wearability will be vastly improved.

gold glasses, 1990 @ Through the WildernessI love these glasses. I look rather ridiculous in them, but I love them non-the-less. Sadly, they are still adjusted to my dad's face and my dad's eye problem's circa 1990. (After I was born, he started going for less flashy, child attracting options. He also shaved his beard.) Anyways, The next time I get into the optometrist's office, I am going to see if I can get them fixed up, to wear when I feel my outfit could... benefit from them? I don't know when I would wear them, but I know I would!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. the rose detailing on the grey top is really nice :)! the dress you made is great, and i agree that it would be even better if you altered it into a pencil style. and nothing like a pair of glasses for abit of geek chic ;)

  2. The T is cute,but yes,is quite expensive,since you can DIY.The dress...Hm!Girl,you got talent.I think it will be better as a pencil dress.Luck!

  3. Woah that's impressive DIY-ing for middle school! You could just punch out the lenses of the glasses and wear them that way.

  4. I love the rose details, so pretty!!

  5. loving that tee in the first pic x

  6. The tee is lovely, expensive or not, I'm sure you'll agree it was worth it just for the prettiness :)
    Nice dress too! cant believe you made that yourself!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  7. oh i really love the tee, it's amazing what you can pick up when you're not looking!

  8. i love the fact that you're going to wear your dad's glasses! that is so cool. :)