08 December, 2009

Surviving Stress Glamourously, Part 2: Simplify that makeup!

Step two to having a glamourous look while under stress is to simplifie your make up routine. (If you missed part one, Clothing, check it out!) If you don't wear make up, this post doesn't really apply to you, bear with me please.

Complicated make Up

Your current makeup routine may look something like this, and require a suitcase to itself. This doesn't need to be the case! You can be a diva, with just this:

Much simpler, no? The less complicated look lets the red lips shine, making is perfect for distracting from somewhat tired eyes.

When it comes to make up, I find that a bit of concealer, some eyeliner and some lippy is enough to create a pulled together look in seconds. The key is to know how to apply you different products, so you can create near perfection in seconds.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. haha, i'm too impatient for much makpeup, so my daily routine generally looks like the second one more anyway. ;)

  2. wowowowow that shade of red is insane!!
    i can never apply it properly, so i always look like a tart haha