27 December, 2009

A Shopping Ban: The End? Not totally

I'm not sure how far into my shopping ban I am. I guess I sort of lost track, but I do know that it is over. Why?

Because my parents and grandparents are amazing. Yesterday morning, I was lucky enough to find a shiny, brand new, MacBook Pro. If you are like me, and have a slightly stalkerish memory, you might remember that the initial reason for the ban was to save up for my own computer.

Quite frankly though, I can't really imagine going back to spending lots of money in big box stores. While I will definitely be shopping in "normal" (non-thrift) stores, I think I will continue my quest for amazing, cheap, environmentally friendly clothing will continue.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. congrats on your new macbook! i'm trying to cut back on some of my shopping myself...which is pretty hard with all of these after christmas sales. oyy.

  2. Ooh shiny new computer! My own laptop is getting slower and slower.
    It'd still be nice to keep doing some enivironmentally friendly shopping though me thinks. :)

    Florrie x

  3. Yay for new MacBooks! I applaud your decision to still do some environmentally and wallet-friendly shopping at second-hand stores!

  4. Wow!! That's awesome you got a new macbook! And I think that is a great way to start shopping again. Good luck!


  5. congrats on a new computer! I'm glad you've decided to continue your thrifting habits

  6. i'm not really a huge spender anyway, but i think a shopping ban makes you think about only buying what you absolutely love. and thrift shops are always like treasure hunts!

  7. Woop! That's so exciting! I think I really should do a shopping ban at some point, but I don't have the will power. Do you have lots saved up that you can have a bit of a spree with? Can't wait to see what you get and hope you had a fabulous christmas! :) x