07 October, 2009

A Shopping Ban: The Beginning

I have been thinking about my shopping habits and the consequences they have on the planet. I have also been thinking about their impact on my savings, and I reached the conclusion that I need to control my shopping a bit.

Since I know that quitting cold turkey probably won't help, I have reached a compromise with myself: I want a laptop, so until I can afford one, I will only be shopping thrift. I have given myself a few loop holes: underclothing, tights and beauty products.

The reason I am telling all of you this is because I will try to record my progress here; I will have a post every Tuesday talking about challenges I have had, success stories, tips I pick up as I go, and I would love to share stories from any of you.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. good on you!!! this is perfect, we've been thrifting for quite a while, and we think it's so much more fun than regular chainstore-buying!! :) and it's great you're going to record it publicly ^^

  2. good luck girl ! i know it's hard , but i think you can . can't wait to see the update . yay !

  3. Yayyyy , lovely thoughts and actions, u are so right!

    One Love,

  4. Good luck sweetie! Maybe you can influens me to change my shopping habits as well.

  5. Me too! I think I'm gonna buy it tomorrow.=)

  6. I am so on a shopping ban too -x

  7. what can I say...good luck,can't wait to read about it:)

  8. good luck! the words 'shopping ban' make me shiver in fright! however, the thought of a new laptop is a great incentive!