22 October, 2009

What I Wore: Stripes and Sparkles

Shirt, Smart Set; skirt, ???; tights, American Apparel (they are really sparkly in real life); boots, ???.

I actually wore this on Monday, but an unfortunately large amount of homework and then yesterdays shopping ban update prevented me from posting it before today.

I like this shirt. I like this skirt. I like these tights, and I like these boots. I did not, however, really like this outfit.

It was just a bit too much, with the tight, slightly low cut shirt, that isn't too long and the short skirt that doesn't come up too high. It all led to me constantly tugging this outfit to make sure it all stayed in place. Not really a recipe for a successful outfit.

To add insult to injury, I realized once I was in first period, that tights really do not look good on me, since when I sit down they make me all section-y. I really need to invest in some thigh high tights.

I know this sounds like a post full of self loathing, but it isn't. It's a post full of my being a whiny brat about the fact that my clothing let me down.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. aww, we all have our "not-so-great-outfit-days." i still think you look pretty cute! ;)

  2. i actually think you look cute! the tights add such a vibrant colour to your outfit :)

  3. Love the shirt!=) To bad the recipe for a great outfit isn't so easy as to just wear clothes you like, you have to like them as a combination too...

  4. Aww we've all been there at some point--we come up with an outfit that works in theory but doesn't pan out in real life. I love your tights and top, though!

  5. I love the skirt...it is darling!

  6. I do adore the skirt it's really cute, but I know what you mean. Sometimes the garments we like turn against us and go on strike!