15 October, 2009

Thankfully, these Apples weren't Poisoned

One of my favourite fall activities is apple picking. I adore apples, and practically live on them, so I obviously like it for that reason. And then there is just the fun of pulling an apple off a tree, polishing it on your shirt, and biting in.

Some time ago, my family went apple picking. I took a lots of photos, but they mostly didn't work out well. I think I may do one of my polyvore outfits inspired by a picture with another picture of an apple, so I didn't include it, even though I really like it.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. I love the first photograph, it's so gorgeous. I've never been apple picking before, but may venture to an orchard when the season's right since you say it's fun.

    By the way, just letting you know that I've moved from Echo Echo to http://littleshadowk.blogspot.com

  2. those pics are beautiful ! and i do love apples . haha . and i did apple picking once :)

  3. Really like the first picture.=)

  4. lovely photos. we have strawberry picking nearby but not apple picking :(

  5. hi! i´m a new blogger...this world just got me in few weeks ago...haha but i´ve been following your blog a long time ago....;)
    In august i took apples and cooked them in the oven covered with sugar...they were delicious
    love the photos

  6. Thank you.=) Yeah I'm sure I will be fine it's just that I hate going to the dentist.. but it will be nice when it's over.