21 October, 2009

A Shopping Ban: Week 2 and I have a huge success

Two weeks in, and so far no slipping. That may be partially due to my awesome thrifting run last Wednesday though. I went into the local Salvation Army to get a t-shirt for an event at school, more on that later, and turns out it was half off all clothing. What could I do?

I left with:
A sweater from Smart Set, store price around 35$-50$;
A shirt from Smart Set, store price around 20$-30$;
A skirt from Reitmans, store price around 30$-50$;
A t-shirt from Reitmans (for my school thing), store price around 20$;
A dress from Rocket Candy, store price around ???, so lets guess around 50$;
A sleeveless top from Club Monaco, store price around ???, upwards of 50$ from what I can deduce;
A men's button down shirt, store price ???, since I steal all the ones I have from my dad.

So to recap, had I bought all this in stores I would have spent between 205$ and 275$.

Wanna guess how much I ended up paying?


I was so excited about this, I almost posted it when I got home from this expedition, last Wednesday, but decided to wait.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. You got a lot for your money, that so great!=) Love when you can make great deals like that.

  2. well done on your shopping ban! i defo need to get myself on one! MY SHOE BUYING IS OUTTA CONTROL! but can you ever reeally have too many? lol