06 October, 2009

What I Wore: Teacher-ish?

Shirt, ???; pants, thrifted; headband, Lululemon; Shoes, Rampage; briefcase, hand me down from my dad; necklace, handmade by me.

I adore these pants. Despite the fact that they are way too long, and I can only wear them with at least 3" heels, they are my favorite pants. I almost hacked up this t-shirt a few days ago, but decided against it and I am glad I did.

I realized the other day that my eye make up is often a fairly important part of my outfit, so I will try to share it more often. Any one interested in a tutorial for my fave look, pictured above?

I made this necklace ages ago, and I haven't worn it since. I thought that this shirt could use a little help, and I liked how this looked. It may be making appearances more frequently.

Funny story about this outfit. I was walking down the stairs and a teacher I had last year was coming up. As she passed me, she said that she thought I was a teacher. I guess the briefcase? I'm not sure if I should be flattered of mad!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. no, not teachery at all! i love the pants too. :) and i'd totally be interested in an eye makeup tutorial...

  2. LOVE..those...PANTS!! They look awesome!! And that necklace looks pretty cool!jajjaja that's funny how they confused you. But no, I think you looked pretty cool! :)
    Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

  3. wow those are amazing pants! super chic

  4. i love those pants. this is such a 70's chic outfit. and yes i am interested in the makeup tutorial. i realized i need to freshen up my makeup style.

  5. love your outfit and your diy nekclace is gorgeous

  6. Nice outfit and the necklace is really cute!

  7. Do you went to Europe? Where?

    Have a nice week!


    + Lovely neckclace!

  8. those pants are too cool and you have truly beautiful eyes!

  9. I love your pants!! you're looking great! kisses!

  10. oh these trousers are fantastic, love them!