02 October, 2009

Combined, it was Magic

Have you ever had something rather mundane feel completely magical? It happened to me tonight. I was out for my run, which was going very well, surprisingly, when I happened to look around. I was all alone, on a path with trees on one side and a field on the other. The only other living thing in site was my dog. The sky was deep blue, and perfectly clear. It was almost a full moon, and the stars were bright. It was cold out, only a few degrees above zero (Celsius), but it didn't matter since I was running.

Alone, any one of those things would have been completely normal. But combined, to me, it was magic. It was the most peaceful moment I have had in a very long time, and it reminded me why I still try, why I persevere in this harsh world when sometimes it would be easier just to give up.

So, remember, sometimes, when you think that there is nothing to live for, just leave it all behind for a few minutes. Do something do something exhilarating, go somewhere magical, or do something exhilarating somewhere magical. Look around and remember that life can surprise you.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. haha we have different reactions - I would have thought of how beautiful it was, then I would have thought "OMG I'm all alone between a forest and a field, there is definitely a KILLER lurking around here"

  2. hah that reminded me of something someone said once...
    i think they were talking about religion, and how they didn't believe, and then they said, "Isn't this enough for you? This beautiful, natural, surreal world that we live in? Do you have to create other things to hold your attention? Can't you just look around you and see?"
    i liked that, a lot. i think i've started to live by it a bit.
    x x x xx x

  3. I love that you had that feeling:)

  4. Lovely post dear, very inspiring. Sometimes solitude and nature is all we need to center ourselves.

    Hope you have a sweet weekend!