28 October, 2009

A Shopping Ban: Week 3 and Tank Top: Underwear or Clothing

I have been having a very intense debate with myself all week: does a tank top count as underwear?

The reason I have been having this debate is that my favorite, and only good, black tank top is starting to disintegrate. Not exactly surprising, since I have had it for over two years. But it still leaves me with the possible need to buy a new one soon, and I don't think I will be able to thrift on in good condition, in black, in the right size.

Reasons why it would be underwear:
- I do wear it under other shirts all the time.
- It comes in very close contact with my skin
- Less than a hundred years ago, a woman wouldn't be caught dead in anything less than two layers of clothing more than the equivalent of a tank top.

Reasons why it would be clothing:
- I wear it without anything on top all the time too.
- Lots of clothing comes in close contact with my skin, and it is still considered clothing.
- In a few more years, a tank top may be the equivalent of a nun's dress.

What do you think, is a tank top underwear or clothing?

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. i think it doesn't matter as much because it it'll really impair your wardrobe, theen you should just buy a new one. that way you're less likely to slip up later!

  2. This is hilarious, and I count it as underwear.

  3. either way you gotta love a bit of layering but no i woldnt put it in my underwear draw x

  4. I think it depends! If you're talking about a beater tank, I think of that as clothing - even though I wear it layered under things, I wear it on its own too. If you're talking about spaghetti-strap camis, I think of those as underwear because personally I don't wear them by themselves.

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  6. i say, if you're wearing other clothes on top of it, it's underwear

  7. I think you should count it as underwear...if you need it, break the ban!

  8. Tank tops definitely qualify as underwear in my book!

  9. buy yourself a new one! i can't imagine surviving without MY black tank, i wear it constantly. it's just a tank, so it'd be pretty cheap....

  10. "3 days" and "2 days" refer to the number of says until halloween. ;) thanks for your sweet comment!