04 October, 2009

Playing Dress Up: Just Your Everyday Cat Woman

Update: This post is now a part of a series of outfits with a hint (or several) of costume in them.

Usually, when I post a polyvore set, I talk about why I chose certain items, what was inspiring me. The thought behind this set is very simple: it is sleek, it is sexy, and it is what I wished I was wearing. Because there are two Rosie Unknowns: the real one, who is typing this and wearing jeans with a sweater, and then there is the other Rosie Unknown, who is dancing the night away and wearing the above outfit. Confused? This is what my dream self is wearing.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. Your dream self has good taste.

  2. hot set dear!your dream self would look great wearing this

  3. i have a dream-self sort of thing too... for example, i have my "real" style (what i actually wear) and the "ideal" style (what i would totally be wearing right now if i could).

  4. Yeah cinnamonbuns (kanelbullar) is nice and I actually don't eat it that often but today I had to have some.=) Maybe you should bake some?=)

  5. Love the dress and gloves. Catwoman would be proud to wear this.

  6. You know what I think.
    : D