16 October, 2009

Just Your Everyday Witch

As you all probably know, Halloween is fast approaching. I decided to do a little series of polyvore sets of outfits that have just a bit of costume to them to celebrate the event. I give you...

Everyday Witch!

The dress. I have always seen witches as having rather full skirted dress, and this one just felt right. I chose these shoes because, once again they felt right. Also, lace up, high heeled, black ankle boots? How awesome are they!!! Since every witch needs a familiar (animal friend of above average intelligence), and carrying around an actual animal is rather hindering, I used the purse. I picked cat purses, since I adore black cats, but you could go for an owl, oar anything you like really. It can get pretty chilly when you are flying through the sky, so I included some kelly green tights for warmth and a pop of colour. I think because it looks like some thing you would find in a cauldron, kelly green has always been a very witch-y colour to me. Ditto on the purple, and since you wouldn't want to get your hands dirty while mixing potions, out come the gloves! Finally, the necklaces. I felt that the outfit needed just a touch more colour, and the stones felt rather mystic to me.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. my gosh, those cat bags... I WANT! and it's a pity that Halloween isn't really celebrated over here =\ will you dress up as a witch? that'd be really cool!!

  2. i kind of aspire to dress like an old fashioned witch, full skirts subtle detailing, victorian collars and fantastical boots. pretty much like the witch in the picture book "the witches broom" which has always been one of my favorites.

  3. Love the boots! And such a good idea for the bag/familiar. I've always associated that shade of green with witches too. I'm still trying to decide whether to be a witch or a cat this halloween

  4. Cute post! Yes to the full skirt and the green tights :)

  5. Love the boots! Are you going to dress up for Halloween?

  6. polyvore is so much fun! I love the green tights you've chosen. My robe for magical working is green, because I'm a nature witch.
    But I'm not a big fan of the halloween parody of witchcraft.

    Bright Blessings


  7. Super cute dress and I love those green tights; perfect halloween wear!
    Awesome gloves as well :)