05 October, 2009

Unrequited Love in a Dress

I just wanted to share one of the recent objects of my affection, this wonderful dress from Modcloth.Isn't it amazing? Sadly, I will be admiring this beauty from afar, because I am fairly certain that that skirt will make my butt look huge, instead of somewhat well rounded. It makes me sad that I will never get to see for sure, because I am also fairly certain that the bodice would make me look absolutely stunning. Le sigh.

I am thinking about doing a polyvore with this dress, or several. Any takers?

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. Aw, I think you should try it. It's become more and more clear to me lately that it can be pretty hard to predict how something is going to look till you get it on your body.

  2. It's great. It's SUPER GREAT.

  3. modcloth always has such pretty dresses... very pretty, and very expensive... le sigh.

  4. Oh I love that dress!=)

    The sandwich was really good.=)