30 December, 2009

Project 365: My newest mission

About half an hour ago, I made a decision. I was reading a post on musings of a born socialite, and emily mentioned Project 365. As soon as I had finished reading the post, I clicked the link.
(Go on, click through. I'll wait.)

Maybe it's all the studying I've been doing, maybe it's something else. All I know is that I have been really inspired lately, and want to give my photography some direction. And when I read about what Project 365 is, I knew I had to participate. What better way to grow as a photographer and person?

At the moment, I am trying to convince a few friends to join up with me, they are really awesome and I really hope they will decide to participate.

I also plan on creating a new blog for this project. I have no plans on dropping this blog, but I want Project 365 to be at least partially detached from Through the Wilderness. To think I could have it totally separated would be ridiculous, this blog is too much part of my life for it not to interact with the rest of my life some, but there are other parts of me that are virtually unmentioned here.

So. 365 day for 2010, the first year of a new decade. I'll be back with more info on the new blog, ect, soon.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. I've never heard of this, but its an amazing concept! I just got a telephoto lens for xmas, thanks dad, so this would be a fabulous way to use it and keep my interest in photography going.

    btw, have you ever heard of jim brandenburg? He's a Minnesota nature photographer who challenged himself to only take one photo a day for year, the finished project- photos of Northern MN, is amazing!

  2. The sounds like it would be fun! If I was going to be super swamped this coming year, I would do it myself.... Maybe I still will!

    I finally got around to replying to the award you gave me, lol: http://tiny.cc/WUQHA


  3. cool! (i actually read this post after your other post about your new blog, where i was all like, "wow! what a coincidence! i'm doing the 365 project too!" um... you can just ignore that. ;)) i'm super-excited, can't wait to see where it leads... <3