16 June, 2009

What I Wore: happy colours

handmade skirt trees outfit rayban cats 1000 pink bat shirt @Through the Wildernesshandmade skirt trees outfit rayban cats 1000 pink bat shirt @Through the Wildernesstrees vegetation leather bag backpack @Through the Wilderness
pink bat shirt wetlands marsh @Through the Wlderness

rayban cats 1000 trees vegetation scrunchie curly brown hair @Through the Wilderness
Shirt, ???; Skirt, Hand made by me; Sunglasses, Rayban, Shoes (not seen), Indigo by Clarks; bag, vintage hand me down from my mother. 

I had a few errands to run today, and since they consisted partly of visiting a thrift store and the library, I said, Rosie, you should ride your bike.  I did, which is why I have the back pack, and a scrunchie instead of a clip. The clip didn't fit under my helmet. 

If you are wondering why the first picture is all crooked, it's because my camera was nestled in the crook of a tree, since I don't have a tripod/gorilla pod. 

It's a beautiful day the kind of day that says to you in the morning, you know you really want to wear happy colours and dance around in the sun, which is exactly what I did. You know this skirt well if you are a regular reader, since it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I paired it with the top because: 1. PINK!
                                                                 2. there's a bat on it!
                                                                                           and 3. Because personally I find it flattering.

Love, Rosie


  1. bats are awesome! i have no idea why so many people associate bats as being scary. and that's exactly what my friends and i call them: happy colors!

  2. Ooh I love the pink bat top!

  3. I love the colors and your sunnies!

    Re your comment: I don't have a lot of experience with taking pictures in the rain, but if you're camera only gets a bit wet, it shouldn't be a problem. You could take pictures under an umbrella or from a sheltered spot. I hope you capture some awesome thunder storm pictures.

  4. such lovely colours going on there, looks like you're getting great weather too! haha , that bat top is adorable :)

  5. You need my bat pendant! http://wendybrandes.com/pro-detail.php?id=447&collect=true